Master Aznous Boisseranc


 For more than 20 years of dedication into martial arts, Aznous Boisseranc has lived and trained in China since 2011 under the teachings of great traditional Chinese martial arts instructors. 

During 2015 (his last year in living China), the highest authority of Hunyuan Xingyi Quan: Grandmaster Zhang Xigui granted Aznous the recognition to represent Hunyuan Wushu School through the world during his last year in China.

At the same time, Master Li Enjiu made him an international representative of the Shangwu Taiji School to teach Chen style Taiji Quan.

Most recently, Master Ding Qilin conveyed the Yin style Bagua Zhang and two-handed broadsword (Shuang Shou Jian). Made famous in China by Master Yu Chenghui.

Both Grandmaster Zhang Xigui and Master Zheng Jianping taught him mainly Hunyuan style Xingyi Quan and many others such as Yuefei Bafan Shou, Duan Quan, Fushan Taiji Quan, Bagua Zhang, and Fanzi Quan.

Masters such as Li Shufeng and Li Enjiu instructed the Chen Style Taiji Quan taught by Grandmaster Hong Junsheng.

He has participated in many tournaments where he managed to gain more than 25 gold medals competing with Chinese and international applicants, hence making him the world champion.

In media, Mr. Boisseranc has been interviewed many times for magazines, newspapers, and TV for CCTV: the first time in China and a second time in Chile. Nowadays, he's a known figure in China as an ambassador of Chinese culture and martial arts.

He's a certified instructor by the Wushu Association of China where he holds a sixth grade (6th duan): the highest technical degree recognized by the same association.

As an academic, he holds a Master's Degree as a Historian of ancient Chinese history at the University of Shandong and approved the HSK's 6th level test (the hight degree of Chinese language).

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